Let's talk about "FIT" for a minute...

My virtual fit clubs run every single month, and this month we keep it SIMPLE:

workout accountability, nutrition checks and daily prompts to keep us focused, supported and on track to our FIT goals (whatever that looks like for you! 🤩) We know summer bods and beach bodies are all the social rage, but around here, we are all about building healthier habits that stick NOW, so we will be FIT FOR LIFE!

The group is completely virtual, social media-free, in a private app where our workout access, meal tracking and accountability all takes place! This community was THE game changer for me, and sharing it with the other women is my highest goal.

So what does it mean to be FIT?! Being “FIT” means something a little different for everyone. Maybe you have a weight loss goal, or maybe you have a mindset goal. Maybe you want to train to run a 5K, eat healthier, or maybe you just want to speak kinder to yourself…

We will take the time to talk about whatever YOUR goal is, find the program that best fits your goal and then implement that plan TOGETHER!

You’re invited to 4 Weeks to Fit: A 28-day nutrition, fitness, and commitment challenge for all abilities, ages, and goals! Our goal with this group is to make the most of the month with accountability + balance for all! Each day, we will share a fit tip, challenge, or assignment for us to link arms and tackle together as we choose HEALTH in 2022!

Want to learn more about this amazing group? Here are our daily themes to get excited about!

🔩 Big Smiles Sunday, a weekly tracker to boost your mood to kick start each week,

🔩 Move More Monday, a weekly movement challenge,

🔩 Track Your Treats Tuesday, sweet recipes to incorporate in any plan,

🔩 Winter Wednesday Motivation Tips,

🔩 “Take 20” Thursday, 20-minute productivity challenges,

🔩 Full Body Love Friday, diving into body scan meditation practice each week, and

🔩 Super Stretch Saturday, a day each week dedicated to bedtime stretches for better sleep!

Did your New Years goals get away from you? Do you need a new, fresh start to commit to? This is going to be your REBOOT and we hope to see you with us! Fill out the short form below for full details and to reserve your spot!

I started out as a lost new mama uncomfortably fluffy in her new postpartum body and disheartened every time I looked in the mirror. It wasn't just that. It was more so how I felt INSIDE. Exhausted, sad, unhealthy and unsure where or how to even start.

What I found was a SIMPLE solution - nutrition, fitness + support - that I now pay forward to any woman I possibly can. This system changed my life in so many ways. It gave me my groove back, helped me stick to something for the first time in my life, and helps me model what Healthy & Whole looks like for my daughter and other women.

I help women (including myself) break the mindset that we are defined by the scale and the number that glows back up at us. I help women (including myself) break the mindset that food and alcohol can/should fill emotional gaps and save us, even if just for the moment. I help you take back control of your mindset and your nutrition, and therefore your life.

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